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The Sports Simulator Company

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The Sports Simulator Company (TSSC) launched Batfast Cricket Simulators in Dec 2015. Batfast aims to increase the participation in cricket globally and is already present in 5 countries.

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The Sports Simulator Company (TSSC) is proud to announce the launch of Pitchline Baseball Simulators. A brand dedicated to the millions of baseball fans, enthusiasts and players globally.

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Our Clients

Our Clients

Because we design and build our own simulators, they can be customised to how you want them to fit your business. As a result, we work with clients ranging from professional sports teams, national governing bodies, schools & universities, entrepreneurs & businessmen, communities as well as the leisure, retail & hospitality industries.

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Vision & Mission

We aim to increase the participation in sports globally – We will do this by developing automated, intelligent and interactive sports simulators that make sports more accessible, affordable and enjoyable.

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From competitive socialising, to stadium sounds, our simulators deliver memorable experiences.


Our experiences can be tailored to anyone no matter of one’s age, gender or skill.


Working with a leading games developer, our in play graphics...


Our user’s health and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us and is prioritised in all decisions.


Our simulators deliver 3 times the number of deliveries a normal net session would give.

Data Driven

We work with coaches and players to help understand what data matters and then deliver it to players.


We calibrate our simulators carefully, ensuring balls are pitched more accurately.


A user friendly design, machine intelligence allows us to deliver single user experiences.

5 Reasons Why We Are The Best

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Our team consists of over 80 years of product, sector and technology experience which allows us to really develop solutions that make a difference in how people play sports.

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We aim to build strong partnerships with our clients and industry stakeholders in order to help them deliver higher value and satisfaction for sports fans, enthusiasts and players.

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Our customers and team members are from across the world, allowing us to understand different cultures, tastes and ways of life, allowing us to develop global solutions.

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Our ethos at TSSC is innovation. With a dedicated product development team, we are always striving to push the boundaries of what can be possible in the world of sports participation.

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At the core of our business is our vision of increasing sports participation. This vision drives all our decision making and we want to make sports affordable and accessible at grassroots level globally.